Reality Bites

All about our Reality and a little about Reality TV

Tennis Goddess Eat Gluten Free Bathing Suit OCD Thrift Shop Challenge Image Map
Tennis League Marry Me Game Brendan James Blog Love! Image Map
Starting Over A Friend needs You Khloe Fab Abs Image Map
Image Map

30-Day Photo Challenge

Day 1:  Self Portrait Day 2:  Bad Habit  Day 3:  Something Red Day 4:  Animal Day 5:  Clouds Image Map
Day 6: High Angle Day 7:  Low Angle Day 8:  Make me Laugh Day 9:  Something Green Day 10:  What are you wearing? Image Map
Day 11:  Favorite Drink Day 12:  Something you Love Day 13:  Mother's Day Hobby Day 15:  Something Blue Image Map
Day 17:  Day 18:  33 of Something Day 19:  Technology Day 20:  Up Close Image Map
Day 21: Something New Day 22: Black & White Day 23: Favorite Book Day 24: From Afar Day 25: Food Image Map
Day 26: Shoes Day 27:  Something Pink Day 28:  Flowers Day 29:  Nails Day 30: Something Old Image Map
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