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Welcome to our Blog – Primer and Painted Nails. We are thrilled you stopped by! We are Mishelle and Kelly, two moms with Creative Aspirations. We love finding goodies (furniture) that some think is Trash and making in into our Treasure!.... Our oldest sons became fast friends in Kindergarten, and thanks to them we came to know each other. Our kids brought us together but our shared love of design and craft skillz turned us in to fast friends. We call ourselves Dumpster Divaz because there is no better rush than the feeling of seeing someone else’s trash that was thrown out to the curb become our treasure! We also love to hit garage and estate sales to find those diamonds in the rough that we can renovate in to something beautiful. We are both in the beginning stages of learning what all we can do with a piece of furniture, craft, etc. but we are eager to experiment and take you on that journey with us. It should make for a fun ride! Who knows where this blog will take us…. We will for sure chronicle our furniture reno adventures, but you may also get an earful about all our other interest and families too… who knows? Mishelle is a photographer, and she is awesome with a sewing machine and a creative crafter extraordinaire. Kelly is a Real Estate Agent, Investor and House Flipper with a long-time love of design. Kelly also has a love for old school 90’s rap… This is a love Mishelle does not share… she is a youngster who likes bands like New Kids on the Block! As a matter of fact, when we were trying to come up with a name for this Blog, my idea was to call it Hammer Time and with every blog post reference something having to do with MC Hammer (and his total greatness)…. Mishelle’s response “Who is MC Hammer”? So wrong I know! This may mean war at some point, but for today we will agree to disagree. So thanks for stopping by and we hope you will visit us often!

I have been Selling Real Estate for the last 11 years, and Renovating and Flipping houses for the last 4 years.  I have been obsessed with design since I was in 4th grade.  Not too sure why I majored in Journalism and not Interior Design.  One of those hindsight issues I now see was not the best choice... oh well guess it helped me in writing this Blog (I hope!).  I may actually go back to school to be "official" and actually get that Design Degree.  We will see?  Until then, I am a wife and mom.  I have two boys (Mister B and Little Guy), a husband (Hubby) and two dogs - all male.  I am outnumbered.  I gotta get my girlie out somehow and this is a step in the right direction!

Mishelle was raised in the Midwest, actively involved in sports including baseball, basketball and golf. She moved to Dallas in 2001, where she met her husband and followed her dream of opening Mishelle Schmidt Photography. She is a mother of two boys, her joy and inspiration in life! 

Mishelle’s motto is “work hard and play even harder!” She loves sports, especially playing tennis. Her day doesn’t feel complete without a trip to the court! 
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