Tuesday, May 6, 2014

I’m a Big Fat Failure


Does that statement sound a little overly dramatic?


But here’s the thing… I’ve had the idea of this project and it’s outcome ruminating in my head for months and I was super excited for it to come out totally kicka**… so it was totally upsetting when it didn’t.

By the end of this post you may agree with that statement.

So, I was already considering writing a post about my Personal DIY Fail when I opened one of my regular Blog Reads




Today’s Post just so happened to be about one of her big craft fails and at the end of the Post she asked us to share our own… Well I’d call that fate…

Done… I will share mine Thank You very much!

So.. I have these two wingback chairs that I found at an Estate Sale several years back.


Tall Wingbacks Before - Primer & Painted Nails


(Yes I am aware there is just one chair in the picture.. just trust me that I own 2)

I was wasting spending time browsing Pinterest the other day for ideas (isn’t this how most project fail sentence start these days?) when I came across a picture of a painted chair that got me inspired.


Forever Decorating Painted Chair


She recovered only the cushion and painted the rest.. and said in the end it felt like Leather. 


Clearly she did an amazing job!  Follow her process over on the Forever Decorating Blog (because clearly I am out of my league on this one as she has way better DIY chops than I when it comes to painting furniture upholstery).

I followed her steps through several coats of primer and paint mixed with paint conditioner.  I even followed her process of sanding but I ran in to a snag.  Sanding by hand was not working for me.  The fabric still felt super stiff, so I decided to use my orbital sander.  It worked for a couple of passes but then on the last round I realized it was too strong for the material and had worn holes in the piping on the chair.

This is where I threw in the towel and cut my losses.. can’t pretend the holes didn’t happen.

Here is where my chair is now (I only attempted it on one chair).


Tall Wingbacks Paint Fail - Primer & Painted Nails (1) 


(How you like that room in the background?  Just working on a total reno of our Guest Room)


Tall Wingbacks Paint Fail - Primer & Painted Nails (2)


Tall Wingbacks Paint Fail - Primer & Painted Nails (3)


I got it.

No words are necessary.  I know it does not look much different (which was part of my problem after four coats).  It was also still super stiff and itchy.  Maybe this is just the wrong material for painting.

Oh well… I gave it the ole college try right?


See You Soon….


Kelly Sig


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