Monday, May 5, 2014

Easy Table Refresh


There is a simple project that I have avoided for Months Years!  Wow.  Writing that down makes me totally embarrassed.

I have lived with this for Years?!  How is that possible?

Don’t you hate that?  We start to see past our stuff once we live with it for a while… although I gotta admit, I really didn’t always see past this.


Kitchen Table Before - Primer & Painted Nails


The picture above actually does not properly show the amount of scratches on this table top.  Here are a couple of closer views.


Kitchen Table Before Up Close - Primer & Painted Nails


Kitchen Table Before Up Close 2 - Primer & Painted Nails


Kitchen Table Before Up Close 3 - Primer & Painted Nails


We eat at this table a lot and it for sure has not weathered all that well over time.  I found and fell in love with this table at a neighborhood Estate Sale.  It was a great price and I fell in love with the wood pattern on top, metal medallions and feet, and inlay details on the top.  I did not realize how soft this wood was and how susceptible to scratches it was so I never added a Poly protective coat. 

I spent far too much time stressing about how to fix it and not enough time just doing!

I finally got off my lazy butt and headed to Home Depot for some fix ideas.

Here is fix idea #1.


Kitchen Table Stain Pencils - Primer & Painted Nails


I bought the Ebony Pencil and the Walnut Pencil… at just over $4 a pop.  Kind of pricey for a pencil no?

Oh well… I was hoping it would fill those scratches and spots where the original finish had just simply started cracking and wearing off.  The Ebony Pencil did a decent job but the Walnut Pencil was 100% worthless!  It did not show up at all. 


Kitchen Table After Pencil - Primer & Painted Nails


You can see in the picture above (to the bottom left) how the Ebony Pencil filled in the worn spot.  It kind of stood out a little too obvious for my liking so I needed idea #2.

For idea #2 I looked at using a stain paste which is thick and fills in grooves, but my grooves were minimal and kind of already filled in by the pencil.  So I decided instead to just use some Walnut Stain I had on hand and run a quick coat over the top.  My table has already worn down over time so I skipped sanding this time… I was hoping the table was pretty porous at this point.

It was. 

It worked like a charm. 

I was actually shocked at how well it worked.  I brushed on one coat and let it totally soak in over several days.  I did not wipe any excess off as I really wanted it to soak in and add a layer of protection to the table top.

And Voila!


Kitchen Table After - Primer & Painted Nails


It’s back to it’s original glory!

Tell my again why I wait so long to do this stuff?


See You Soon…


Kelly Sig

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