Thursday, May 8, 2014

A Happy Accident



Remember the soft-spoken Painter who rocked a fro like no other white guy ever?

You know – Bob Ross?


Bob Ross - Happy Accidents


He’s so right!  I love a good Happy Accident!

I had one of my own today.

In my house, we have a great dedicated office that is at the front of our home and all the walls are covered in built-ins that provide tons of great storage.  I love this office and it was all mine.

Yep… was!!

The Hubby got a new job working from home fulltime.  I had to kiss my wonderful office Good-Bye.  My job plays second fiddle to his so he gets the office.

It’s been a tough several months for me.  My office stuff has been scattered with quite a bit of it still being in the old office… which is bad because The Hubby is always on video calls so I cannot be walking in to the office any time I like and accessing my files.

The Solution is going to come from this former Guest Room in my house.


Guest Room Before - Primer & Painted Nails


This is a sort of before because after it was a guest room it turned in to a not-so-pretty storage room for all of our extra stuff.

Little Bit has been begging me for an Arts & Crafts Room too.  So why not combo his needs with mine and create an Art/Office room!!

So I set to tearing it all apart and this is where I am right now.


Guest Room During - Primer & Painted Nails


Pretty rough…

I’m not patient either so I had to come up with a makeshift office area for myself because my Real Estate business has been busy lately and I needed my files and work materials readily accessible.

Here is what I came up with on the fly… and I kinda like it.


Temporary Office - Primer & Painted Nails


This is a table given to us by The Hubby’s family – it has sentimental value.  The original idea for this table was as a couch console but it was too tall to work with my current couch.  I then decided to put it in my Dining Room and use it as a buffet – which is where it is now.  For my makeshift office, I paired a chair with it that has been hanging out in the original office waiting for it’s purpose.

Here comes the Happy Accident.  I actually love the table as a desk and the chair is the perfect height and oh-so-soft-and-comfy!  I am super excited to use this in my new office once the room is done!!

I had been wracking my brain and searching online for desk ideas and possibilities for that room and was not finding anything I loved.  This solution is perfect – and free – even better… well almost free.. the chair will most likely need to be recovered.


See You Soon….


Kelly Sig

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