Friday, February 7, 2014

My name is Kelly and I’m a Photo App Addict

It’s true.  These Photo Apps are so much fun!! 

The first one I found was the Waterlogue App.. and I found it through Blogs.  When two Bloggers wrote about the same App within a day of each other, I figured it was worthy of checking out.  I first read about it on A Thoughtful Place and then a day later on Thistlewood Farms.

Here in Dallas yesterday we had hours of beautiful Snowfall… which of course shut things down today… we are ill-equipped to handle such weather you know?

 It’s ok. 

It always makes for a fun day of fires and the kids playing in the snow exploring their Winter Wonderland.  My boys are out “Hunting Bobcats” right now.  They are seeing “tracks” in the snow that they are positive are Bobcat footprints and they are hunting down said Bobcats.  My oldest is sure he can smell the “dead meat of a dead bird that was killed by these Bobcats”.  Boys and their imaginations!  I love it! 

So with the boys occupied it gives me the perfect time to play around with Photo Apps on my iPhone.

Here is the picture I snapped yesterday and am using it today to play.

Snow Day 2014

I downloaded the Waterlogue App on my iPhone for $2.99 and got to playing!  Here is this same pic using the It’s Technical edit in this App.

Snow Day - Waterlogue App

I love this.  I may print and frame this one! 

When I was in the App Store I noticed there were two more Apps by this same maker, so I downloaded those too. 

I downloaded the Percolator App for $2.99 and here is that pic using the Extra Fine, Color Gels and Stirred Edits.

Snow Day - Percolator App

I then also downloaded the Popsicolor App for $2.99 and here is the result of that using the Blue, Natural, Ink, Enhance and Novelty edits.

Snow Day - Popsicolor App

I am officially obsessed!  I could play with these for hours!!
What fun Apps do you use on your Photos?

See You Soon…..

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