Thursday, February 13, 2014

Easy diy Valentines Day Cards

I decided that this year the Kids and I would do some fun DIY Cards for them to hand out for Valentines Day to their Classmates. 

Easy Valentines Cards Collage

It all started when I came across this rockin’ Chalkboard Valentine Printable on Nest of Posies.  Click on over to her Blog for this or other great Printables – they are free!


After I saw that, and my big ole brain wheels started a turnin’, I remembered the TJ MAXX wrapping paper I just snatched up.

Wrapping paper

I instantly knew I wanted to head out and grab a large piece of Foam Core Board to Wrap the Paper around for a Backdrop. 

I also used my Free Printable and uploaded it to the Staples website and ordered an 8.5x11 Media Print of it for a whopping .98 cents!! 

Foam Core Board - Primer & Painted Nails (2)

I simply wrapped the paper around the board, taping on the back.  I also had to add a second row of paper because it was not wide enough.  As you can probably see from the picture above I just used scotch tape to adhere this second piece.  I wasn’t worried about the glare off of that tape because I knew I was going to edit in some hearts.

Here are my silly Boys posing for pictures in front of the Backdrop.

Brody Valentine

Crazy Valentine Brody

Silly Valentine Brody

Bryce Valentine 2014

Funny Valentine Bryce

I then uploaded these pictures into my totally favorite of favorite Picture Editing Websites – Pic Monkey.  Seriously… if you guys have not played around on this site you are insanely nutjobbers crazy.  It is life-altering. 

Here are my final cards with edits.

Brody Valentine

Bryce Valentine 2014

Next I uploaded these pictures to Walgreens online and ordered regular 4x6 photos… next time I would probably order their 4x4 Matte Photos instead – I think I would just prefer it to the glossy. 

This only cost me $7.50!!

Got them back next day and all that was left was to gather my supplies and use my exacto knife to cut the holes on each side of their fists to insert the Valentines Pops (do this very carefully as the picture will rip and I also added a small piece of tape to the back for extra security).

Exacto Knife - Primer & Painted Nails

And Whoop-Di-Doo we got ourselves some darn tootin’ cute Valentines Day Cards!  (Forgive all the G’s I’ve dropped in this post… I must be feelin’ really Texan today).

Bryce Finished Valentine (PM)

Brody Valentine Card Finished PM

I’m Happy… the Kids are Happy and very Excited to hand them out.  I’d say this was a DIY Pass!!

And speaking of Super Cute DIY… Little B made this beauty for his Gigi in his Pottery Class.. and I am one Proud Mama!

Ceramic Heart for Gigi

See You Soon…

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