Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Outdoor Chalkboard

 Girl drawing pictures on a chalkboard mounted on a fence
I first saw this picture in one of the Summer Editions of Lowe’s Creative Ideas Magazine… from last Summer 2012… and I have been obsessed with it ever since.  As per my usual MO I just thought about it a lot and did literally nothing!
Well, I finally got off my lazy butt and decided to make this happen in my Backyard!  Other than our Pool, our Backyard is a little boring.  If we are not using our Pool we are very rarely spending time in our Backyard – and it makes me a little sad.

 I decided it was time to start up some projects to change all that.

What is so silly to me, now that this project is done, is that it was really easy and could’ve been accomplished so long ago. 

The whole project only cost just under $100, and the only reason it cost that much was because the paint cost just under $40!

If you’d like, go back and visit the Lowe’s Website for detailed instructions on how they completed this project.  They did things a little different than I chose to.  They used HardieBacker but I was concerned about using this product because of the fact that it is heavy.  I was worried about my fence – especially on a windy or stormy day.  I just had concerns that something that heavy would tip my fence – probably ridiculous but that’s me.  I chose to go with a 4x8 piece of thin Plywood.  It was much easier to handle and there was no cutting involved or adding of a frame to the back of it.  They also used Exterior Flat Latex Enamel… which is fine… but I decided to do what so many others suggested online and mixed my own outdoor chalk paint.  I did indeed use Exterior Flat Latex Enamel but I went ahead and added Sanded Grout to the paint to make it even more Chalkboard worthy.  I also decided to simply screw the 4x8 Plywood Sheet directly to my fence following it being painted with two coats of my paint mixture.  I also painted three Cedar Fence Slats with my favorite spray paint and made them my Chalkboard frame which I also simply screwed directly in to the Chalkboard and Fence.

And Voila – here it is all done!!

First Day of School 2013

The timing worked out perfectly so I could take advantage of my new Chalkboard for First Day of School pictures!

So… how do you like the picture above… of my 1st grader looking like he is about to barf? 

Well, he woke up for his first day of school with a stomach bug! 

So I didn’t get to have my “Yay it’s the first day of School!  I’m going to Pilates… clean… organize… work!” day. 

I got to instead have my “Yay I get to clean up puke… do boatloads of gross laundry… and take care of a sick kid!” day. 

I also did not get to do the whole first day pictures and drop-off at school either. 

So…. by the end of the day… as little BIT felt better… I made my kids pose for this picture.

By the Second day of School, he felt much better and back to his old self… hallelujah!! 

So here’s the respectable I’m not as bad of a Mom as yesterday for making him take that picture picture.

Second Day of School 2013

Every year when School starts anew all I can think is “Holy Cow how did they get so Big?” 

This year is no different. 

I cannot believe how big they are getting!  Here is to a great new School Year!!

See You Soon…..

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