Friday, August 2, 2013

A Project Featured! Woo Hoo….

Little ole me went and got one of my little ole projects Featured… on a great big Blog called Roadkill Rescue!!

Dresser turned TV Stand Drawers Complete - Primer & Painted Nails

I love this Blog! 

Daily it features projects that are, as it says, Rescued from the Trash Pile – be it off the curb or given to it’s new owner by a friend for Free. 

It’s one of those Blogs I look forward to everyday.

 Rescue’s are my Favorite kind of DIY. 

I love taking something that is a cast-off and giving it new life in a pretty way. 

It is a very gratifying process for me. 

The lovely lady behind this Blog is Becky and she is so awesome - she also has two other Blogs I stalk!!

KOD-button[1]      ICbutton[1]

Go check out her Blogs and her amazing talents.

Thanks again for the Feature Becky!!

See You Soon…..

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