Monday, July 22, 2013

In DIY it’s good to Sweat the Small Stuff

Seriously the Small Stuff! 

Sometimes the littlest changes that are Free can make you really Happy.

I used to toss accessories that I had around my house that no longer made my heart sing…. not anymore. 

Don’t get me wrong I’m not a hoarder (not yet anyway).  I just hold on to stuff that I don’t outright Hate. 

When I was shopping my own Home the other day and ran into this old Candle Holding Friend I sure was glad I’ve adopted this almost a Hoarder Philosophy.

Candle Holder Before - Primer & Painted Nails

I did indeed throw those old gross candles away immediately but the tray was worth hanging on to. 

It is hard to tell in this picture but this Candle Holder is a really bad putty skin color. 

I always loved the shape of it and the Texture on it is really cool.

Candle Holder Before 2 - Primer & Painted Nails

The Texture on it is almost a Basket Weave.

I no longer wanted it’s purpose to be that of Candle Holder. 

I needed a fun little spot to hold my TV remotes!!

As per my usual MO, I turned straight to Spray Paint – Rustoleum Ultra Cover in Gloss White.

Candle Holder After White - Primer & Painted Nails

So much better No?

Here it is with it’s New Purpose in Life.

Remote Holder After  Up Close - Primer & Painted Nails

Remote Holder After - Primer & Painted Nails

It fits that little spot perfectly!! 

What small changes are you sweating lately?

See You Soon….

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