Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Estate Sale Coffee Table–it’s Big!

Some time ago, as I was out visiting Estate Sales, I stumbled upon the most amazing (and long!) nesting style coffee table.


That’s it in it’s original state freshly home from the Estate Sale.  It has two of those nesting tables. 

I loved the length of it (6ft).  I also loved the Chinoiserie style legs with their graceful curve.  I even liked the gold accents around the bases, but it was a lot rough and scratched up. 

What I loved most though was that it was a cool $40!! 


I had no idea where it would end up but I knew I had to have it because it is such a one-of-a-kind piece.  You just won’t see this in other people’s homes… and I love that.

My kids found some uses for it while I was marinating on what to do with it.

DSC_0006 (2)


The smaller nesting tables have found a great use as tables the kids can pull up to eat on while sitting on the floor, or a great little art table also while sitting on the floor, and as you can see an impromptu Lego Building session or war.
The best use for the larger table in our house to date has been as Computer Table and charging station central for all the kids gadgets.

This will most likely be it’s use for a while until the main living room is in more order and I can decide if it will work in there as my main coffee table… we will see.

I did finally take some time to add some Annie Sloan Chalk Paint to it.


I also tried my hand at an iKat Pattern on the nesting tables, also using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.





Here it is all finished and back in it’s spot as Gadget Central. 

(I used AS Wax for the final coat but am not sure I like how it feels to the touch… need to work on that!)


**In person you cannot see that wax spot on the front right of the table top – weird**

As is the norm around here…. doing one project makes all the other undone projects stand out. 

I do have a plan for those brown paneled walls.  Funny how pictures can distort color!  Those walls are more chocolaty and less poopy in person.

See You Soon….

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