Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Dresser Turned TV Stand

Here’s the thing… it seems I am a Scavenger! 

Loud and Proud baby!!

 Even my friends and neighbors know this about me… and I love it. 

I got a call from my neighbor the other day because her sister (who is also a neighbor and so is their Mom as well – they are the sweetest family!) had several pieces of furniture she just wanted gone.  My neighbor stopped her from putting all those things out for Bulk Trash letting her know I might be interested in some of them. 

Interested in some of them? 

I was interested in ALL of them!! 


It pays to be proud of your scavenging ways.

One of her pieces was an old dresser that she just no longer had a place for.  It has some dings and scratches but was really in pretty good shape overall. 

At first I thought maybe I would paint the thing and give it away or sell it… then one night as I lay watching train wreck reality TV it hit me! 

Before I tell you what hit me, let me give you a visual and you will say to yourself “Duh?”

Sad TV Corner Photo Bomb - Primer & Painted Nails

This my friends is my pathetically sad TV corner in my Living Room! 

In case you are wondering, that is my wonderful little photo bombing Mister Bee.  I’ll keep him but that Bar Table TV Stand had to go!!!!! 

Aren’t those wires all over the place awesome?  What about those awful strips of goldish mustard paint on the wall left over from where the pool cues used to be (yes I had a pool table in my Living Room)?

I stared at this awful corner almost every night and I think I became blind to how hideous it had become.

That sweet little dresser was meant to be mine!  Here it was when I first got it.

Dresser turned TV Stand Before 2 - Primer & Painted Nails

I knew that if this was going to become my new TV Stand I had to do away with that top drawer completely. 

So I did. 

I liked the hardware but I needed to change it, but I loved the gold keyholes so they stayed as-is. 

You can read all about the hardware update here.

Here is the piece with the top drawer removed.

Dresser turned TV Stand track - Primer & Painted Nails

I was as nervous as Lindsay Lohan taking a court ordered drug test about this step. 

All for naught though because it actually ended up being quite easy. 

First, I removed the drawer track there in the middle.  Just removed a screw from the front and back end of it and poof gone.  I then had to add a shelf cut from a small sheet of hardwood ply.  I just measured twice and cut once with my Jigsaw and then used liquid nails to glue the piece of wood down on top of the front and back shelf pieces you can see in the above picture.
After that was all said and done, I was ready to prime and paint it.  I don’t think I can say this often enough…. I always use an adhesion primer first on painted pieces like this.  It gives you the best end result and you are not going to end up with a peeling painted mess down the road – trust me I know from experience.

Here it is all done!

Dresser turned TV Stand Drawers Complete - Primer & Painted Nails

The drawers also hold a special surprise.

Dresser turned TV Stand Drawers Complete 3 - Primer & Painted Nails

You can read all about the drawer makeover here.

See You Soon….

PS - I'm linking up this project over at Beneath My Heart - another one of my Favorite Blogs!


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