Wednesday, May 8, 2013

More Door!

I’m super excited about the changes I’ve made to the Exterior of my Front Door… obviously. 

I posted about it here just a few short days ago.   

As a reminder, here is my spruced up door with it’s pretty new coat of paint.


Of course, freshening it up made all it’s negatives stand out big time. 

Look closely….


Yep… lovely Wood Rot. 

It was staring me down every single time I came face-to-face with my door and it was really beginning to make me angry. 

When I bought this door several years ago I had to go with a Solid Wood Door.  The original door on our home was just downright ugly.  I know you have all seen the amber coke bottle glass… well that is what we had in our door. 

Our other problem was that our door was custom made – sounds fancy pants but it kind of made our life a little harder.  Most standard doors measure 36” wide.  Not our fancy pants door!  It had to be special and measure 42” wide.  I searched high and low for doors of this size and couldn’t find a darn thing.  All the doors I found that were 42” wide were also 8’ tall. 

Our Entryway was just not that Regal… it’s more of a working class Entryway with lower ceiling heights and lower door heights (Winking smile).

It’s so my luck that I had no choice but going the route of a Special Order Front Door – can you say Expensive?  I couldn’t so I had to find other options. 

I found a local company that would make a door to order for me… yay!!  But my only option to do that and still be able to actually pay for said door would be to keep it Solid Wood.  No heavy-duty, long-lasting Fiberglass for me. 

Fast Forward a couple of years to one of our Sprinkler Heads breaking and us not realizing it had been spraying the Front Door regularly at 3 a.m. for quite some time.  We realized it when we noticed the wood rotting on the door!!

This has been bugging me for quite a while, but wasn't as noticeable when the door was the brownish copper color of baby diarrhea.  

It was loud and proud though the second I painted it crisp and cool Capri. 

Something had to be done stat. 

I went on the hunt for kick plates to cover the damage.  No go.  They were either too wide up and down to fit under the door trim molding, or too skinny side to side to cover the worst of the damage, or they were the worst offense of all – bright and overly shiny gold ( I like gold just not this gold ). 

Time for some creative thinking!  I went perusing Home Depot and found my solution.  Aluminum 12x24 sheets!


I decided to go with the Union Jack pattern Mate!  I measured and then cut them down with tin snips.  It was actually much easier than I thought it would be.


I followed that up with a strong Spray Adhesive to get them to initially stick to the door.  I then used Carpet Tack nails (after the Hubby drilled small holes in the middle of the Union Jacks on each end and the middles of my strips) to nail it into the door so it would stay long term. 

I am actually really happy with the result.



Clearly some more tweaking needs to happen, but I am happy with my quick fix for my Wood Rotted Front Door.  Good as new!

What small fixes are you working on?

See You Soon…..

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