Monday, May 6, 2013

It’s Door Week! Who’s Excited?

Seriously!  Are you all pumped or what? 

As if my going on and on about painting my front door over the last year was not wearing you down enough… I am here to talk about it AGAIN!! 

Yes I said again. 

I think I have finally made some progress in my Exterior Door Paralysis.
Remember many moons ago (over a year people) when I posted here about how Obsessed I am with brightly painted Front Doors?  It’s also where I outed the front of my home for the Eyesore that it truly was way back when…..

I also posted here about my baby steps in painting the Interior of my Front Door the color I have been lusting over for a while – Capri by my pal Sherwin Williams. 

Clearly I am a slow mover as that post was 5 months ago.

I finally ripped off the Band-Aid and painted the Exterior of my Front Door in Capri!!  No longer was I afraid of neighbor judgment… who cares I decided.  If I love it, it stays and that’s that.


As you can see from this picture my trim is two different colors – no that is not a design choice.  It’s a paint testing problem I have been having for the past year.  I am happy to report that the trim directly around the door is finally The One.  Foothills by Sherwin Williams is the winner and will become my house trim color – more on that another day.  I will be saying Goodbye to the Baby Poop Brown I have lived with for the last 8 years very soon.

I’m totally smitten with my new color choice, and who was I kidding I totally care what my neighbors think. 

Thankfully I’ve gotten several compliments on the new color… phew….

Of course this snazzy new color on the door is so fresh and eye catching that it also makes all the bad spots stand out like crazy! 

Still some work to do… but check out where I started.


Uck… whose Idea was that horrible Copper Color? 

Oh yes it was mine.  Oops.

One more before and after……




Oh and by the way I wasn’t kidding when I said it’s Door Week… I will have more posts this week on my other little door tweaks because I would not want to overwhelm you all in one day with all this excitement would I?

See You Soon….

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