Friday, May 10, 2013

Can You Handle More Door?

I just punned you! 

Punned not Punked….

Yes I am still stuck on my Front Door.

Sometimes the small things really do make a big difference.  As you can see from this picture:


My Front Door Hardware was looking a little rough thanks to years in the Sun.  It had turned a most unappealing shade of Yellowish.  The New Pretty Door Color made it look even more glaringly Yellow too. 


Here is my New BFF.  (Are you ready?  Can you handle it?)


I installed my New Gal all by my Handy self too!  It took me most of the day while the boys were at school but it was totally worth the struggle to be my typical impatient self and not wait for the Hubby to do it for me. 

It really wasn’t too terribly hard… the problem was that a third hand would really have come in handy on a project like this.  But I’m crafty.  I made it work with just a drill and a screwdriver…. didn’t even need the dumb directions. 

They really were dumb too!  They explained nothing!


Happy Mother’s Day Weekend!!  (Yes I said Weekend)

See You Soon……

1 comment:

  1. Love the door, so fun!! The color and the new door handle make it POP!!

    Hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day!!


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