Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Catalogs… a Blog and Spree

I just found an app this morning (it is brand spankin’ new) and I think the concept of it is pretty cool.

 So why not share right? 

It’s called Catalog Spree.

Welcome to Catalog Spree! Catalog Spree is your personal digital mall, where you can shop all the brands you love!

Disclaimer:  This here little ole Blog is not big enough or read enough at this point to be getting any kickbacks from anyone or any store (I wish!  Maybe someday).  So every single opinion on here is ours and ours alone because we like something and want to share. 

Just sayin’.

Okay.  Back to Catalog Spree.  I am literally just checking it out this morning for the first time and love the idea of it.  It is all your favorite catalogs in one convenient spot! 

I know all the wives will love this app and most of the Hubby’s will hate it.  Shopping made quicker and easier and more plentiful for their lovely ladies…. no bueno.  Bueno for the ladies though!

You get some FREE Gift Cards when you sign up – you have to agree to let those specific stores have your information…. but who cares they always get it somehow anyway, might as well get a FREEBIE out of it I say. 

You can shop Catalogs by category, item, favorites, what’s new, etc.  You can click on any item you see and instantly make a purchase or get more information and savings available.  You can also follow their on site “How To” videos to get more out of using it.  I am hoping this one is a keeper.

Now… on to Catalog Fun of the Blog Variety!! 

I found this Blog a while back and it makes me laugh… A LOT!  My philosophy is anything that makes me laugh is a keeper.  I will do just about anything that is harmless silly fun.  Life is too short (and sometimes painful) to not laugh as often as you possibly can.
I introduce you to (if you don’t already know it): 

The lady behind this Blog is hilarious!  She uses pictures from popular catalogs and writes the Dialogue for what the “owners” in that picture might have been saying.  She has gotten so popular that there is now a Catalog Living Book. 

Order the Catalog Living Book from these fine retailers

She has also branched out and writes witty banter for the inhabitants of Magazine Pictures on Curbed!

Seriously…. follow this link to see her Catalog Living Post from today! 

See You Soon…..

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