Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Thrift Shopping.. no Red Suit… U R Welcome!

Clearly I’ve let it be known that I love Thrift Shopping!  

Don’t remember?  Go here or here.

Just because I’m obsessed with Macklemore, I’m attaching their video… Again… Yes Again!
(It’s the Clean Version)

I’m totally obsessed with this song by them too!  They performed it on Ellen. 

So…. back to Thrift Shopping.  

I am about to List a House for Sale for some clients I adore!  I helped them renovate their Master Bathroom last Summer (check it out here), and now I am helping them a little here and there with staging their home for Sale.  

They have some built-in shelves in their Family Room that need some light and knick knacks.  So, of course, being the frugalista that I am, I offered to go thrifting for some cheap décor.  

I am willing to suffer to help others.

Winking smile

You know how much I hate Thrift Shopping… JK!!

I am pretty excited to have found a website that helps me find all the Thrift Shops near me!!  Seriously, this actually made my life a lot easier.  I used to just drive around trying to find places or I’d resort to just my local Goodwill – which is fine and all but I needed more options.

My new find:


This site even has a Vintage look to it! 

And this is not just a local resource for my part of the US of A either.  It’s a listing of Thrift Stores nationwide.  

So cool right?  

It lists over 10,000 charity driven Thrift Stores nationally… and you can even read reviews on the stores online as well. 

Mishelle opened my eyes to her favorite Thrift Store ReSale, but I just was not feeling like driving that far today.  So, I pulled up this site on my phone to find other stores closer to me – I was limited on time today.  

When I input my zip, I discovered that ReSale has several locations around me!!  It felt a little like winning the Lottery today…. okay maybe not quite that good… but it’s about as close as I’m going to get to that feeling so I will take it.

Hi-ho Hi-ho it’s off to Thrift I go!!!
What up ReSale?


I know going Thrift Shopping may not seem so exciting to some of you… but all I can say to that is “You’re a Dumbhead”.

I mean seriously… you are missing out on cute ceramic bowls of lettuce!


That come with personalized inscriptions.


I bought the Lettuce Bowl for me!  I totally heart it.

No joke, I always find tons’o’loot at ReSale.


Don’t I resemble an Evil Thrifting Genius?  Okay… whatever….

Unpacked Loot.


That’s only some of it!  Doesn’t look like much yet…. but…. someday it will.

And I’m totally obsessed with this find.


I never have problems finding bowls, planters, trays and such, but where I fall short is figuring out different ideas (other than candles or decorative balls) for what goes in these vessels of décor happiness.  

Guess I need to head to Pinterest for some more Pinspiration!!
Got any new Thrifty Finds?  Share!!!

See You Soon….

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