Friday, March 1, 2013

The Bachelor ~ Season 17

I am a reality TV junky!  

I have cut back alot {giving up on the Kardashians!} but I still love watching the Bachelor and Bachelorette! I have watched every season, some have been way better than others...

 Jillian Harris was my favorite bachelorette! I think because I could see her as one of my besties! Didn't think Ed was the best for her (his true colors came out after the show)

She is still as cute as ever and working as an Interior Designer.

Man, were do I start with all the crazies...gotta love them! They make the show so much more interesting....

And the WINNER is....Erica Rose

I loved her! 

She is CLUELESS... She is HIGH-MAINTANCE! And the things that would come out of her mouth just made me laugh out loud! I read that she begged Chris Harrison to hire a maid to clean up after her! 

And my favorite Bachelor is....Sean Lowe

Anyone watching the Bachelor this season? It has been a little awkward for me! I feel like I am watching my son as an you see it?? 

I would love to see a photo of Sean from Kindergarten!

I have really enjoyed watching this season...Sean has stayed true to himself and has been such a sweet guy! And there was just enough drama with the girls to keep me watching every week.

Did you know he is the President of a company called... The Factory Girl ? Check it out...purses and furniture in Forney, TX.   {Kelly, ROADTRIP!}

Here is a sneak peak inside his apartment....pretty good taste!

And for the first time in 17 seasons...I couldn't help myself,  I looked up the spoiler websites and found out who he is engaged to! I'm not telling...but I do wish them all the happiness!! 


PS - I'm totally Post-Bombing!  Lol.

I found some fun Bachelor related Blogs for you all...

Want to read Sean's sister's blog? (Yes his for real actual sister who you saw on the show a couple of weeks ago has her own blog!)  She recaps the show every week... I know it's almost over.. but who cares... she's darling!

You can find her at Mix&Match Family

If you love her, you will really lover her bestie Sheaffer over at
Pinterest Told me To.  The girl is super funny!!

Thanks for letting me Post-Bomb.

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