Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Organization Pinspiration

I’ve got a bad rash that needs itching… my organization itch that is.

I am dying to get busy organizing!!

I need to get busy selling some houses to fund my organization remedies!!

I will say I am pretty organized, but it is not good enough.  I would be thrilled to have every square inch of my life and home organized – in a super pretty way with lots of pretty boxes, labels, files and such.

I previously posted about one of my favorite personal organization projects here, here, and here.  Here is a picture to refresh your memory.

Lego Organizer Shelf and Legoman Shelf 

It took me two weeks to organize each and every Lego piece but it was totally worth it!  Makes my life so much easier.

I had a blast creating shelves for the Lego Men to live on too!

I need more though… so I needed some inspiration.  Where do we all go for inspiration nowadays?  Why Pinterest of course!!!

Here are some of my personal faves that I will for sure be revisiting when the time comes.

Now  that’s organized!!  I don’t need this much organization or this many art supplies, but I could implement something like this on a smaller level.

Do you have a bare wall in your garage? A wall-hung storage system is perfect for sports gear and keeps the floor clear of clutter. I need this! 
My life needs this so bad!!  I feel tense every time I step out my back door to help the kids find balls, rackets, equipment, scooters, etc.  It makes me crazy! 

What family wouldn’t benefit from a Household Command Central?  I know mine would!!

This is a magnetic board with her makeup magnetized to stick to it!  So creative I can’t hardly stand it!  I may have to implement this one in my life.  I know the perfect spot!  I’ve got some serious wall space in my closet just wasting away with no real purpose.  My mind has been swirling lately with ideas for my closet. 

Great use of the back of a door for some extra storage.  All my gift wrap and supplies are on the floor of my guest bedroom closet and in a bin all getting wrinkled and ruined.  I didn’t think I had space for it all anywhere else… boy was I wrong!

This attic storage solution just makes my heart sing… fa la la la la la la la la…. I’m not one of those lucky ladies with a garage to store all of her Christmas crap decorations, and my available attic storage space is extremely limited, so using the small sides under the roof slope is truly inspired. 

What a sewing/craft room!  And her storage ideas are inexpensive too!

If you are going to take all the time and energy to organize, you need the printables to go with it!  And so many offer them free on Pinterest.

Okay.  I have to stop now.  I could do this all day!  There is no shortage of genius ideas from creative and organized people out there.

So what are you waiting for?  Go get busy!!

See You Soon…..

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