Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Empty Shelves & Accessorizing

Do you have empty shelves around your house?  Or maybe you have shelves full of stuff but they just don’t look “decorated” and just look “cluttered”. 
Making your shelves look “decorated” can be so much easier than you think!  Always start first by looking around your house for what you already have.  Sometimes you have things shoved in closets and sometimes you have decorative items around your house that you just don’t love or you don’t love where you are currently using them. 
Books can be a fantastic resource that you have lying around your house.  I personally prefer Hardback Books for my shelf décor.  A great place to start is to just bring them all in to the room with the shelves you are looking to accessorize.  Next simple step is to either group them by category, color or size.  Once you are happy with your groupings, just start placing them on shelves and play around with them a while.  No one gets it right on the first try.  You have to play and step back and look at what you’ve done… then evaluate how it looks as it evolves.  Don’t be afraid to mess up and do it over again.  Stack books on the side or up and down.  Vary it on all of your shelves so it is visually interesting.  Don’t stack all your books on the same shelves or same side of each shelf.  Again it is all about visual interest.
Magazines can also be a great source for shelf display. Group them together as collections on their side with spines showing – this can provide visually appealing uniformity.
This is a great example if you are a big Book person and have a collection where you can display mostly books and/or magazines.

Here is another great example of just using books for the most part.

Personally, I prefer to have a happy mix of books, magazines and accessories.
Here is a great example.


Remember my client/friend that I blogged about here?  Well.. they had some shelves that needed styling and accessorizing. 
Check out their before and afters.

Ida's Shelves Before - Primer&Painted Nails
Ida's Shelves After - Primer&Painted Nails
Ida's Shelves Before Right Side 2 - Primer&Painted Nails
Ida's Shelves After Right Side 2 - Primer&Painted Nails
Ida's Shelves Before Left Side 2 - Primer&Painted Nails
Ida's Shelves After  Left Side 2 - Primer&Painted Nails

You’d be amazed if you could see in person how much brighter it makes this end of the room look and how much more your eyes are drawn to these shelves and fireplace now that it is all accessorized.
Come back tomorrow and I will show you some accessory tricks we used for these shelves.

See You Soon…..

Kelly Button Plaid

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