Monday, March 4, 2013

Boys Surf Bedroom Makeover

Happy Monday People!!  

Just a typical Monday here… laundry, cleaning… and James Bond!  

I kept my 8 year old home from school today to keep an eye on him – he fell off a trampoline and onto his head yesterday.  He seems fine, but had a headache this morning.  I told him he had to spend the day resting on the couch.  He said fine and made one request.  He wanted to watch James Bond movies…. from the beginning!  Surprising request I thought, but I was cool with it.  So far we’ve watched (more him than me I am cleaning after all) Dr. No, From Russia with Love and Goldfinger (playing right now).  The acting was so cheesy in the 1960’s!!

While Mister Bee was engrossed in Bond, James Bond, I started cleaning Little B’s room and realized I had never posted that makeover… so here it is.

My only before picture.

Brody Bedroom Mirrors Before - Primer&Painted Nails

Yep.  One of the bedrooms had an entire wall of mirrors… and we chose this place to call home!!  

I am choosing to believe there was a Ballerina in the previous owner’s family.  

We lived in this place for two years with the room like this.  It was basically just a large storage room for two years until our second son was born in 2006.  We just shut the door and pretended like it did not exist. 

Once Little B was born this room was updated in the form of a baby’s room, but I don’t have pictures from that time.  I renovated the room for a second time when we had to move him in to his big boy bed!  

This is where we are now.

Surf Bedroom - Primer&Painted Nails

I love this sweet room now.  

Since the Hubby grew up in Huntington Beach he was partial to the Beach Motif, so we went with it.  I looked online for Beach accessories for the room but found they were all quite expensive!  Pottery Barn always has some seriously cute stuff, but again a tad pricey.  I did decide to spend some Pottery Barn bucks on the surf bedding, and I love it.  I also found a way around ordering accessories online and spending a small fortune.  We decided to take a trip with Pap Pap to the beach in South Texas.  We found accessories out the wazoo, all from local shops.  We found so many in fact that we had to narrow down what to buy by quite a bit.  We saved a ton of cash this way too!  Since our trip with Pap Pap was also in his RV, transporting all the goods back home was simple. 
Mirrors.  Now you see them.  Now you don’t!

Brody's Bed Wall After - Primer&Painted Nails

We had to be creative on this wall once the mirrors were removed because they left behind some serious damage.  We got this wall treatment idea out of a Pottery Barn catalog.  The Hubby simply applied sheets of luan plywood to the wall – you know those thin sheets of wood that are dark on one side and shiny white on the other. We then measure out the wall to figure out the size squares we wanted. He followed that up with small strips of wood molding that he cut down himself to the correct sizes.  He first attached long strips of the thin wood vertically, and then cut the horizontal pieces down to the sizes he needed to create the squares.  We chose to paint this wall a light tan, which I cannot remember, but I have been toying with the idea of repainting it.  I’m not in any hurry though because this one was a royal pain.

Surf Bedding - Primer&Painted Nails

I also decided to have the walls and ceiling in here totally retextured.  What do you call that texture that was done with a flat brush that looks like the end of a broom?  All I know is that I call it hideous!  I chose to hire someone to do this job – not sure I will ever figure out how to tackle changing wall texture.  I went with a texture called Knock Down.  I also chose to paint the walls in the color Krypton by Sherwin Williams. 

Kids Nightstand - Primer&Painted Nails

I upcycled that nightstand!  It used to be a dark brown side table that we had next to our old sofa.
We opted to destroy the old pretend wood floors known as laminate and went with a luxuriously soft cut pile carpet.  We chose to go with a carpet color that was light and dark tans – we have dogs… and kids!  Initially I was totally against carpet anywhere, but the Hubby convinced me we needed it in the bedrooms at least.  I’m glad he did.  I love sitting on this floor playing with my boys. 

Here are some more after pictures.

Kid's Shelves - Primer&Painted Nails

Rocking Chair - Primer&PaintedNails

Kid's Shelves UpClose - Primer&Painted Nails

Woody Car - Primer&Painted Nails

Brody Sign - Primer&Painted Nails

Surf Sign - Primer&Painted Nails

Ladder Back Door - Primer&Painted Nails

I also decided it was time to go ahead and change out all the moldings and doors in this room.  Eventually, the whole house moldings and doors will match these.  I went with solid wood ladder back style doors by Steve’s.  I also went with moldings in the Craftsman style – it is my absolute favorite home décor style (except for the dark wood).

What rooms are you working on?  What styles are you partial to?

See You Soon…..

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