Thursday, March 7, 2013

Are all Waxes Created Equal?

I had a lovely day today…. bought an Olio Clip Lens for my iPhone (should be fun to play with) and went to High Street Antiques for some Annie Sloan Clear Wax. 

When I saw the price, it got me thinking.  Is this Annie Sloan Clear Wax really better than the BriWax I already have at home?  I did not immediately know the answer to that question so I went ahead and bought it anyway….

Is AS Wax better because it is formulated differently to work specifically with her Chalk Paints, or is this just a trick because we are all dumb enough to fall for it? 

I mean really I don’t mean to be skeptical, but $28 for clear wax??  Gulp!  Seems steep… but then again the AS Chalk Paint is no bargain either. 

Guess I should finish atleast one project with ASCP before I start complaining… it is supposed to be life changing right? 

I will admit that I am loving what I’ve gotten done thus far – with my gossip chair and my black chinoiserie style nesting coffee table (phew that’s a mouthful).

It’s a Head-to-Head folks… the grudge match of the Century… or could it be the most dramatic Rose Ceremony ever for Furniture Waxes?  Who will get the Rose?



AS Wax

I’m kind of a cheap-o.  I don’t like to spend unnecessarily.
Let’s put this in perspective…

Why is this…

AS Wax $$

More than….


Plus This….

Tray $

I’m a regular Barbara Walters people… I’m here to ask the hard hitting questions that everyone else is afraid to ask… and I’m here to make you all cry (like Barbara Walters)! 

So cry!

No really… for any of you who are aficionado's, I’d really like to hear some opinions?  I’ll chime in more once I complete a little more investigative journalistic efforts.

Flirt female

See You Soon…..

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