Monday, February 11, 2013

Tennis Team

Well it is time to start back up with my tennis outdoor leagues! 

And yes, I am captain again! 

Last season was a testing ground for me. 

This is season I am ready...and by ready I mean to have my team looking good! =)

I am going to hand out these towels I embroidered with our team name and their name. And I made each of the ladies a team bag tag with everyone's cell phones on the back...just in case we need to call for a quick sub or just say hi, all the numbers are on their bag! 

And it makes us look more official right?!?!

The towels are actually a pretty bright white....but I used an Instagram Filter {love} and made them old looking! 

And I can't talk about my team without sharing our outfits for this season...We are going to be wearing scarlet and black!! 

SHARP and BOLD don't you think!?!?!

Here is my dress!! It is from Lucky in Love. 

I am working on designing my shoes (Nike id) and if I don't hurry up...I am going to miss the whole season!! I am not so good at decisions!!! AHHH! 

Off to package up these gifts for tomorrow! I am just using a brown lunch sack with a cut out heart...make a couple hole punches, tie a bow! Bam! =)


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