Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Valentine Treats for All

It's Valentine's Week! 

And I love it. 

I have always loved this Holiday! 

My son's class pulled names out of a hat (like secret Santa) and got to leave clues and gifts for their LOVEBUG all week! And whose name does my son pull...his fabulous teacher!! =) 

So we had 3 days of gifts...the first one we went with was some cute earrings! Because the minute I spotted these...I knew they were meant for her! PERFECT! And my son said she LOVED them! 


Clue #1: My favorite food is Salmon....(my son could eat it for every meal!)


Clue #2: I'm athletic! 

We made a YUMMY Valentine's Mix and wrapped it up all cute! 

We also packaged this up to give to 50 classmates! (Both my sons classes!) 

I found these cute cups at Walmart, so we filled them and wrapped with clear wrap..turned out cute. I am shocked that we didn't run out of the mix before we got to little lovebugs couldn't keep their fingers out of it! 

It is so easy to make

Melt white chocolate chips with a spoon of shortening, mix in 2 TBS of Strawberry Pudding Mix, a couple squirts of red food coloring. Then pour over a box of chex mix and toss coating as much as you possible. Sprinkle any sprinkles to make pretty and add in Valentines M&Ms. 

It will be a hit, I promise! 

And our last lovebug gift is a super cute scarf....made by ME! 

I found this really cute fabric at Hobby Lobby, it is jersey material with strips of laces! The minute I saw it I thought that would make a cute cowel! 

"I can make that!" 

So all I did was get a yard of it and cut 4 strips of 10". Sew all the way around leaving ends open to over lap and make a pretty zig zag stitch to make the "O'". 

Tah Dah....

So since I've been cutting out all of fun things on my silhouette lately.... I saw these and couldn't resist...

These are for you baby!! 

Happy Valentine's Day Everyone! Isn't my husband so lucky...LOL!!!!

Love & kisses, 

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