Thursday, February 28, 2013

Etsy… an homage…

I’m not fooling myself here.  

I promise.  

I know most of you already know about Etsy… and most likely check it out regularly like me.  That’s fine and dandy.  I am still going to pay homage to the greatness of Etsy… to show my appreciation of a great idea!!

I loved Etsy from the first time I laid eyes on it.  A place online to sell Handmade Goods!  Genius. 

Artists – of all varieties – can sell their goods online and all in one place.  Back in 2005, this was the brainchild of Rob Kalin, and what a smart idea.  Good to see, unlike me, this man took an idea and made it reality.  I bet he is really glad he did!  Etsy has over 22 million members, in roughly 200 countries, and over 18 million items listed from over 850,000 shops!  

Wonder if he ever in his wildest dreams thought it would be this big?

You know why I have been obsessively playing on Etsy for the last 24 hours (even though I have been a member for quite a while)?  

My awesome Hubby won an Apple Gift Card for being a total kick**s salesman!!  He was the #1 Salesman in the Company for selling a particular product offering of theirs.  I’m super proud of him… and super happy to take advantage of the perks of his awesomeness!!  We promptly headed to the Apple Store (and a little belatedly in to this technological century) to get ourselves a couple of iPad Mini’s!!!!  

{Insert Happy Dance Here}


I’m excited!  

The Kids are Excited!!


His excited face!!

Back to the greatness that is Etsy!  You know what you can find on Etsy?  Just about anything!!  I even have a shop on Etsy.

In my obsession browsing, I have found quite a few favorite things.  I wish I was Oprah and had you all sitting in my Family Room as I write this and I could gift you all of my Favorite Things… but alas I am not… Sorry!

Here we go:

Clothes – idea2lifestyle stood out with this cute assymetrical shirt.

Leaves 3  - asymmetrical layered top (Y1217)

All things Kitchen – ruffledfrenzy, DecalsenFolie, LennyMud & 3BetweenSisters caught my eye.

Flower Power Retro Style Apron
I am picturing myself cooking in the kitchen all Bree Van de Camp style in high heels and this super cute apron looking perfect and whipping up a 5-course-meal.

Kitchen Mixer / Appliance Removable Vinyl Decal / Sticker - Polka Dots (for Cuisinart, KitchenAid, Kitchen Aid, other appliances)
Is it too much to ask to have every single thing in my home cutely decorated?  I think Not!!

HELLO Lionel Richie is it tea you're looking for  Mug
This mug makes me giggle every single time I look at it.

Long distance friendship mugs SPECIAL REQUEST
I think I may have to buy these to share with my sweet college friend all the way out in L.A. (it’s tough living out there but someone has to do it Smile).

So many wonderful things got my attention… it’s hard to pick favorites!  Tons of shops with great fabrics and pillows had me swooning!  StorkandMe, RougeandCo, & SoVintageChic stopped me in my tracks!

6 Fat Quarter Bundle Organic Cotton Fabric - Monaluna Modern Home

monogrammed pillow cover - customize font style and ink color
 That’s Me!!

Mr. & Mrs. Custom Pillow with Wedding Date
I will be buying these for my bedroom… sweet & sentimental.

Do you like Art & Photography?  Me too!  I loved what I saw from KeriBevan, KathyFornal, ElleMoss, AnneCarrozaFineArt & TheParisPrintShop to name just a few.

Beach photography,beach photograph,aqua,cream 8x12

Paris Landscape Photography - Dreamy Paris Prints, Eiffel Tower Sepia Photos, Fine Art Paris Photographs 5" x 7"

Underwater Photography, Dive, 5x5 Print, Teal, Blue, Female Figure, Woman Swimming, Teal Blue, Haunting Portrait

Watercolor Painting"Beautiful Dawn "- Original Painting.  4.5 x 6.5 inches

Paris Photography Collection, Red - French Fine Art Photograph Art Prints, Paris Decor, Large Wall Art, Red Color Photography

This is just a drop in the Etsy bucket people!  

The possibilities on Etsy are endless.  

You know what my absolute total favorite thing of all is?  The fact that these are not likely items you are going to walk in to your friend’s home and see!  Items like these would make your home, fashion, etc. feel like it really belongs to you and you alone.  It all feels so much more personal than mass produced stuff… (not that there is anything wrong with buying from big chain stores).  My personal preference just leans toward buying less from these big stores and more from places like Etsy, Estate Sales, Craigslist etc. 

Are you an Etsy Stalker?  What websites are you obsessed with right now?

See You Soon…..

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