Wednesday, February 27, 2013

diy Mercury Glass

Mercury Glass Vases (3) - Primer & Painted Nails

I’m a Broken Record…. I’m a Broken Record…. I’m a Broken Record….

Never say I didn’t warn you!  I have said it before and I will say it again…

“I’ve been meaning to try out this project for quite a while now”

Hard to always have projects running all over and inside my brain with no where to go for such a long time!

Here are my oh so boring been sitting on my shelf forever vases.

Glass Vases Before (2) - Primer & Painted Nails

I have seen tutorials on DIY Mercury Glass online forever now… and I’ve seen it everywhere… so I am sorry to say I wouldn’t even know who to attribute this quick little project to??

This really is a very simple process.  

Of course, you start by making sure the glass is thoroughly cleaned and dry.  Trust me when I say I have lazied out of this step before and it totally effed up my project.  Not good to learn the hard way!!! 
The biggest thing you need to know about doing your own Mercury Glass is to buy this.

Krylon Looking Glass - Primer & Painted Nails

It is pricey for a can of spray paint at $12!  

Go to Hobby Lobby and either bring your 40% OFF Coupon or pull it up on your phone…. I NEVER go to Hobby Lobby without using a 40% OFF Coupon!  Many times I will go there and buy one item at a time so I can use that Coupon on everything I buy!!
Steps to DIY Mercury Glass:
1. Clean Glass Vases (or really any glass item you choose)
2. Spray Krylon Looking Glass paint – be sure to do this in light and even strokes!  It does drip.  I read many places that said 4 or 5 coats… it took me like 8 or 9. Warning:  it will look horrible in the beginning.  Keep going.  Drying time between coats is not very long at all.
3. Mix in a spray bottle – 1/2 Water and 1/2 White Vinegar.  Spray it on your newly painted surface as lightly or liberally as you choose.  Let it sit for a few minutes and wipe off.  The harder you rub the more will come off. 
4. Bonus step – grab another color of metallic spray paint and lightly spray that in behind the wiped off spots… or use some gold leaf.  I used a very light amount of a gold metallic behind mine. 

Mercury Glass Vases (2) - Primer & Painted Nails

It’s hard to see some of the different textures of this glass in these pics.  

You can see it well in the vase on the right!  

I am going to let these fully dry for 24 hours and I am going to spray more Vinegar to see what happens.  I wouldn’t be sad if I got some more of the rubbed off sections. 

I was hating these after the first few coats of Looking Glass, but I am starting to love them now!

What quick DIY updates have you tackled lately?  

Got any projects that you have been thinking about for a while but putting off?

See You Soon……

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