Wednesday, February 6, 2013

diy Furniture

Here we are in another new year…


How’d we get here so dang fast?  Ugh… time flies….

So… of course with a new year…. all I can thing about is changing things up around our house. 

For a fresh start. 

With that, I am also thinking of how I can make these changes without spending a lot of cabbage.  I don’t know about you, but I don’t have squillions of pennies to throw around spending frivolously. 

Through Pinterest (duh?) I found this BHG online article all about DIY Furniture Transformations.  I thought you all would enjoy them as much as I did!

Better Homes and Gardens

I love this darling Saw Horse Desk!  Seems pretty easy to replicate too.  Of course, no shocker that I am obsessed with the bright Aqua color too.

This little space-saving desk is pure genius!  This could work in so many homes and fit in so many nooks or crannies.  I am trying to think of a good place for this in my home just because I love it so much!  Ooohhh maybe I could fit this in to Gigi’s house somewhere… hmmmmmmm.

This one is ridiculously cute.  Love the idea of using these old Letterpress Letter to create a table!  I have some friends whose home I am about to list for sale.  The husband is a graphic designer and once said something about how much he loves the idea of using these types of letters and I said “Wouldn’t it be cool to figure out a way to inset them in to your Kitchen Table or something?”  Here is our thoughts come to life!  I love it.   You can find these letter easily too – on EBay, Craigslist, or at Antique Malls.

I have been loving the idea of using old pieces of furniture and repurposing them in to Vanities ever since I started flipping houses 5 years ago.  I still love it.

File Cabinets are normally so very ugly.  This is such a great and inexpensive way to make them look lovely and enhance a room as opposed to making a room look like Fat, Gross, Uncle Gnarly is standing in the room.

This may be the transformation that has my creative juices flowing the most.  I have been trying to figure out how to add a Mudroom Style area to the entry of Gigi’s house without taking up too much space.  I have also been racking my brain to figure out a use for this old hutch she has – it was the first big piece of furniture she had purchased with my Dad when they first got married so she has always wanted to keep it (not for sentimental relationship reasons, but for sentimental furniture reasons).

Hello beautiful colors!  You speak to me!!  This is such a creative way to make your gardening center a place where you are excited to do some dirty work.

I am daydreaming of making a daybed like this for my guest room……

This is a great repurpose of an Armoire turned Bar!  Plus color color color.

I really need a craft station for my kids…. to keep all the crap art supplies in once place… that they can reach.  Being on wheels would just make it that much easier for them to move it where they need it.

My current laundry room needs a makeover sooooooo bad!  This is a perfect organized charming solution.  This would add a lot of organizational punch without taking up a ton of additional space.

Last but certainly not least…. J’adore this mirror!!!!!  I have been wanting some large standing mirrors for quite some time now, but I am too cheap to take the plunge and spend those squillions of pennies I don’t have.  I love this one even more than anything I have actually seen in stores.

Go to BHG Online for more transforming Inspirations!

Well, those should be plenty of inspirational ideas to get your noggin startin’ to create!
Got any good ones to share? 

What are you obsessed with thinking about in this new year?

See You Soon…..

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