Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Dining Chairs… an easy update!

Remember this sweet little find of mine that I posted about a while back?

Gossip Chair Before - Primer & Painted Nails (2)

I have been meaning to work on this for a VERY LONG TIME!  Story of my life right?  

On a whim, I decided to stop by one of my favorite fabric stores and saw that they were selling all of their fabric remnants for 50% off.  

Worth a good look don’t' you think? 

 I found some fabric that I got really excited about!


This fabric instantly had me thinking about my gossip table!!  

Of course… I could not leave that table the way I bought it… so I made some changes.  And tested this fabric with my updated gossip table… and…. did not like it at all!!
Steaming madFreezingSick smile

So NOT Happy at all… 

I was so crushing on this  fabric and bought several yards of it for just $17!!!  I had to use it and I had to use it now!  So I decided to take a little trip around my house… I was determined to find a place to use this fabric… so I did.  My ugly dining room chairs have been desperately in need of an update for the last too many several years.

The chairs were not ugly per so, but they were so boring I could take a nap just thinking about them.

Dining Chairs Before - Primer & Painted Nails


Blah blah blah….

I need to pause here briefly to make a confession… but look at this picture first.

Dining Chairs Before - Primer & Painted Nails (2)

Look at this picture closely.  

Do you see that this chair is entirely dismantled?  

I took out every screw, took of the legs and back and separated it all from the seat… thinking this was the only way to get to the cushion… when I saw this.

Dining Chairs Before - Primer & Painted Nails (3)

Hard to tell, but that tiny hole is where a screw is placed.  

You know the one?!  

The one holding the frame of the chair to the cushion!!!  

I just dismantled the entire chair when all I really needed to do was unscrew four of these babies to get to my cushion.  Oh my goodness… do I feel stupid!!  

Should I also admit I have renovated quite a few chairs before?  

Probably not!  

You'd think I know how to remove a cushion at this point.  Sometimes I don’t understand my own brain and how simple things can end up such a debacle… I usually blame it on my kids and the fact that when I gave birth to them they sucked the brains straight out of my body forever!  I will just keep blaming all my moments of scatterbrained nuttiness on that… it’s working for me.

Okay… back to the chairs.  Here is a side by side comparison of before and after.

Dining Chair After - Primer & Painted Nails

Easy decision… I adore the chairs now!!  

Let’s do it!
Here they are all done!

Dining Chair Seat Cushion - Primer & Painted Nails

Dining Chairs After - Primer & Painted Nails

As if confession #1 was not exciting enough… 

I have confession #2.  What can I say I grew up Catholic – we like to confess things!!  In doing this project I came to the realization that I am a vigorous stapler… you heard me right… I staple much to vigorously.  

See exhibit A:

Blistered Finger - Primer & Painted Nails

I don’t think I always staple this hard?  

Maybe I had some pent up aggression today and took it out on my poor unsuspecting Dining Room Chairs?  Sorry chairs!  My finger did pay the ultimate price though!  

All in the name of DIY.  It’s okay – I don’t mind a battle scar or two.
Thanks for letting me unload my confessions on you!

Flirt female

See You Soon…..

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