Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Basketball Team {Gift Idea}

I have a special spot in my heart for basketball....and for these 2 boys!! 

Put the two together and you have a very excited mom in the stands...I try to keep myself in check, but I have to admit sometimes I am my MOTHER!! =) I remember when I would beg her to be quit when I was on the court. lol 

{my #41 playing a little D-FENCE!}

{this was one of his baskets that day...
he was showing off for his sweet teacher that came to watch the team!}

Well the kiddos basketball seasons have wrapped up and since my husband is the coach, he comes to me and asks for ideas for a little something to hand out to the players - with only 3 days notice of course {what?!!}.... so I wracked my brain.

 So, magic wand in hand.....TA DA....

Personalized Water Bottles! Everyone likes something with their name on it...right!?!

My original plan was to just put an orange circle on them (call it a basketball and add their name and number and be done) 

BUT...I couldn't find a store with orange vinyl. 

So I had to force myself to think a little harder...{hard these days!} 

So I came up with this cute fella!

Sent it to my machine to cut....

Carefully added him to a water bottle...making sure I didn't leave any air bubbles or creases.

Then the tricky part...making sure I got everyone's name and number on the right water bottle! lol 

Added some fun ribbon to the top and DONE! 

Another season in the record books! 


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