Monday, February 25, 2013

Archetype Me!

Today’s Post has got to be a short one people! 

 I’ve got to get back to doing my taxes… and finish them already!! 


Here was the only bright spot to my taxes yesterday.


Well… those… and the perfect 70 degree weather outside.  It was much nicer doing taxes with the windows open and a nice breeze blowing through the office.

A little while back I read a post on the Thistlewood Farms Blog.  (If you don’t read this Blog, you should!  Her house and her tastes are stunning… seriously!).
Through KariAnne’s Blog, I found Archetype Me.

Archetype me

It’s a really cool site!  You take a quick quiz and you get to find out what kind of person you are from the results… and it was actually right on the money for me!!

I am…. drumroll please?




Sounds about right!

Once you take your quiz, Archetype Me creates a site that is specific to your Archetypes…. and gives you pages that are catered toward you!  

You can customize articles, ideas, etc. to your own specific tastes.  

You can also add other Archetypes to your page if you think different ones are more suitable to your interests. 

It's also a fun way to connect with other friends who are part of the site already, or you can invite friends to join!  So many fun things you can do…. go check it out for yourself.

What type are you?

See You Soon….

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