Thursday, January 31, 2013

What Do You Want to be When You Grow Up?

I often wonder if I should have been a swim suit model hoarder....designer?!

 I have a secret obsession with bathing suits. I hate to admit this but I own 82 of them...can you believe that!? 

It is like a hobby/collection. 

It is not that I think I look great in is just I am crazy about all the different styles/designs I can find! I know its odd, but I love it! 

And I've already have my eye on some 2013 suits! 

I would love to design bathing suits for all shapes and sizes! And I love cover ups too! Gotta have one for every suit! Here are a few I love!! 

This past year I have just started getting in to mixing and matching tops and bottoms that I already own...kindof like getting a whole new look! 

Check out this girl... {source} She has a creative way of making the same top look 6 different ways! Pretty cool. 

So...........swim suit season is just around the corner....YIKES, I better put this {gluten free} cookie down! =) 


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