Tuesday, January 22, 2013

New Year = A New Menu

Well, I am sure you have started off 2013 thinking, this is the year I am going to eat better, lose weight and start over. Of course I did too....but to my HUGE surprise I am now forced to do so...For the past few years I have had some health issue, with digestions, my skin was a mess, swollen eyes, fatigue and extremely foggy brain. I went to my dr. who ran several blood tests and they all would come back healthy as a whistle. Which left me puzzled and still not feeling well. So I would continue to kill myself with extreme exercising and found that I could never drop a pound no matter how I ate or worked out. So of course this lead me to get frustrated! 

Finally in 2011, I found a place called Living Well Dallas and met Betty Murray. We went through EVERYTHING together...she broken down things I never knew existed and she would explain everything so I got it and it made sense. (Poor lady...that took alot of breaking down)  During my initial visit we did a food allergy test. Ok, I admit it I got so scared to hear my results and all the changes she wanted me to make that I avoided going back until last week! THAT IS 2 YEARS LATER! WOW, I know! But when I walked in her door last week...I thought I was ready! But, BAM! SLAP in the face! She handed my food allergy test...CRASH...basically I feel out of my chair! Betty was sweet enough to hold my hand and talk me through it. It was BAD! Basically everything I have ate for my entire life...I am now learning I'm allergic to and this is what is the root of my issues! You can imagine what was going through my head. She explained to me that my body has been in a constant state of BATTLE! My poor body! And these foods that I am allergic to are ending up in my blood stream {GROSS} and so my body creates antibodies to fit the food because it doesn’t know what these random things {food} are in my blood stream! And at the moment I said OK! I can do this...I can CHANGE! So here we go....

I am now eating GLUTEN FREE, DAIRY FREE, no Eggs, Turkey, Chicken, Peanut, and Fish! I know you are thinking well, what in the h*** are you eating?! Lots of fruits, veggies and red meat...which I have never been a huge fan of, BUT I CAN DO THIS! 

After 3 day....only 3 days of removing these things from my diet I felt GOOD! I find that I am not craving sugar and crappy foods too! I am full and feeling satisfied for the first time EVER! Which leaves me hopeful and knowing that my body is happy...makes me happy! The inflammation in my eyes and my body has basically gone away! It is shocking to me, but makes so much sense!

Here is an app that is a MUST for your smart phone....it has made grocery shopping so much easier! You can scan any bar code and when you set up this app you put in your allergies and it tells you if it is safe or not for you to eat.   It is called IN R FOOD

And this is a good one for restaurants...it is called FIND ME Gluten Free. 

As I go through this journey...my new way of living, I am going to be posting new recipes and ideas to achieve this way of eating! I hope that I will inspire you to have an allergy test so you too, can let your body be happy! I would also love to have some buddies to be in the same boat with me...right now I’m alone! Come on...I never knew how bad I felt until I felt how good I can!! I hope you don’t have as many allergies as I do....


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