Saturday, January 26, 2013

My Front Door… Interior

Like I have said time and again My House is just one project after another.  At this time in my life (unfortunately) I don’t have the means to gut the place and start fresh.  I gotta work with what I got and I gotta do so in a VERY inexpensive way.  Small steps is all I got people.  I really need to paint my Exterior Front Door.  I previously painted it this really unappealing Copper Color… it’s really ugly!  The color I’ve been crushing on is a really bold color by Sherwin Williams called Capri.  As I got to thinking about a new Front Door on the outside I also started thinking about how much I like bold doors on the inside too.  I am not often scared of paint, but I was really hesitant to jump in to painting my front door outside…. because my mistakes are visible to the world while I lazy out of repainting my old mistakes (I’ll share the old Copper front door with you at some point… yuck).  My way of easing in to this was to just go for it with the Interior of my front door.  So Capri it is!
Here is my boring old Interior Front Door.


Here she is now.


Yay Capri!  I love you!
Hopefully I will be moving forward with painting my Exterior Front Door very soon.  I only hesitate on it because the entire exterior trim on my house needs a paint job!  I think I know the color I want for that too – Foothills by Sherwin Williams.  I have a project in mind for the back of our house where I may try this color out in a smaller dose so I can do it myself.  I will keep you posted on that too.

See You Soon…..

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