Monday, January 21, 2013

Jeff Lewis Paint

Okay… this, I can imagine, is no surprise to anyone!  I love Jeff Lewis.  You can see a past post about him here
Have I got some exciting news for you….?

His new paint line is officially here!! 


Check it out here.

Did you guys see the episode on his show Flipping Out where he and Jenni were joking about the naughty names they were going to call his new paint colors?  It aired November 20 (I couldn’t find the link to it – sorry).  Did you also see on that same episode where he had the nerve to tell the paint company executive those naughty names?  That dude was not happy at all!  It was so doggone hilarious!  He made that executive guy totally nuts… talk about no sense of humor.  Has this guy lived under a rock?  Did he not at least check out Jeff on TV and see that he is a totally sarcastic butt?  Sheesh… do your homework Mister.

Check out these luscious colors:

His paint is manufactured by Dunn Edwards.  Click here to locate your local store. 
I am sad to say that there is no store here in Dallas….


Maybe someday… Or I could order some online… but that is a scary proposition for me… not sure I want to order paint online… I don’t want to pay shipping for paint either… boo!
I still love you though Jeff Lewis!

See You Soon…..

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