Monday, January 28, 2013

Blog Design…. a breakthrough

Since the day we started this Blog I really wanted to figure out how to design it myself…. but truly did not have the first idea where to start.  A very daunting task indeed for someone like myself who is technologically challenged.  I get dizzy and sleepy when I start thinking about HTML, CSS, Java… whatever??  It’s all so confusing to me!  I knew there was going to be a large learning curve here so I went ahead and paid for a template header that had been created by someone else.  I liked it well enough… and it’s been on the Blog for quite a while.  It just did not seem like ours…. plus I’d seen it on other Blogs, and I wanted this blog special to us!  I needed it to look and feel like us… ours alone. 

I’ve read and tried at so many tutorials I found online… and each and every one of those attempts was a huge Fail!  For me anyway.  I’ve downloaded so many different programs and tried so many different things…. let’s just say I got totally discouraged.  So discouraged I stopped even trying for quite some time.  Paying someone to design for us was just not an option at this time… plus I want to start a second Blog (Real Estate related) and I needed to understand this design mumbo jumbo so I could start that one off on the right foot from day one.  I knew in the long run I would be very glad I figured this stuff out… atleast a little bit….

New Year!  New Attitude! 

Time to try again… I did… and stumbled on the greatest tutorials EVER!  I mean it!  So great I had to share.  I found a new Blogger to stalk too!


You can link to her Blog by clicking the pic above or just go here.

I randomly found her Blog when I Googled DIY Blog Design.  Thank goodness I found her!  I mean look at her page Header above!  So stinking cute!
Thanks to her, Primer and Painted Nails has a new Header too! 

Simple Header

What do you think?  I totally love it!  It feels like us.  I can’t tell you how happy and accomplished I feel having created this!  I not only created the Header, I also added in the links to Pinterest, Facebook, etc…. How cool is that?

I also created our New Nav Bar.

Simple Nav Bar

Her full tutorial on Header and Nav Bar creation can be found here.  Her name is Ashton and she also taught me how to create my own Social Media Buttons (found in my header) here.

Have you noticed our new Post Divider?

Simple Blue Paint Brush Post Divider

I learned that from Ashton here.  I also learned all about Pic Monkey (here) and Image Mapping (here) from her too!  These tutorials really were so simple…. Is it overly dramatic to say she has changed my life?  Well… so be it… bring on the drama…


I am just getting started… I still have a lot to learn.  I’m working on it… slowly…. bit by little bit.  Next up is figuring out how to create our FB Page.
I am currently working on all of our Under Construction Pages.


Wow.  I should’ve been working on this all along.  Going backwards to link 140+ posts is daunting to say the least.  I’ve divided them all and created the graphics with pictures for linking to posts.  I’ve even gotten it started with our Sew Crafty Page using Image-Mapping to get those pics linked to posts… but I’ve run in to a glitch there and am having a hard time figuring it out…. so the other pages will have to wait until I figure out this glitch… but I will figure it out!  I sent my computer genius brother an email begging asking for help.  Please help?!? 

Still so much to figure out… but now it’s fun!  Thanks Ashton and Something Swanky!  She’s got more tutorials on her site.  Isn’t she as adorable as her Blog?  I also read that she will be posting more tutorials in the future on her Facebook page.  I will be waiting anxiously for sure.

If you guys have any tips or recs for me please share!!

See You Soon….

**2014 Update:  I've used everything I learned from Ashton to update this site once again!  Hopefully it looks a little more sophisticated and streamlined with lots more bells and whistles.  Most of the other pages on here are updated as well... Hope you like it!!

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