Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Hey Strangers!!

Hi Friends!  I know we have been totally non-existent around here lately with our projects and posts and we are very Sorry for that!  Just wanted to let you know where we are at this point.  We are going to postpone projects for now while we work on getting this here Blog in ship shape.  We have a lot of behind the scenes things to work on to improve this baby!  We promise we will start posting projects again ASAP after the first of the year.  My promise to you is that I will make posting my one and only New Years Resolution!!  Forget eating healthy or being a better person and all that mumbo jumbo…. this Blog will be it for my Big Resolutions for 2013!! 

One exciting change I just made today is that you no longer have to find us at www.PrimerandPaintedNails.blogspot.com, you can find us at www.PrimerandPaintedNails.com.  Woo Hoo…. small steps people!  I am going to take pride in the small victories every day….
So don’t forget about us!  We are missing our blog projects for sure and looking forward to Christmas and the upcoming New Year!

See You Soon…..

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