Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Kid’s Kick A** Desk

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Hey There!

Can I just start by saying I love it when people think highly enough of me and my skillz to hire me to re-do something for them?  I totally do!  It’s totally flattering…. and it gives me more projects to do, which I love.  Not only did these projects and furniture not cost me money, but I am making some dough doing something I love.  Win-Win!!
So my friend Melanie found what was once a kick a** desk…. but not so much anymore.  She found it at a friend’s garage sale and thought of moi (I love her for that!).  She stole the desk if you ask me (she snagged it for a super great price that I won’t share).
Winking smile
Here is where it started.


The front is curved… in all the right places… ha ha.


Clearly the first step on this one was to give it a serious sanding with a serious hand sander…. not my favorite step but sometimes totally necessary.

Blue Paint - Sad

Seriously…. I hate sanding.  I really really hate sanding when it is Texas Freakin’ Hot outside!
Once the sanding was complete I stained (with many many coats) the top in a Weathered Grey and the base of the desk in a Dark Black stain with the Polyurethane already in there!  I love saving steps whenever possible.  I also chose a high gloss black stain.
Here it is now!!




Check out this post to read all about these fun pulls!
I am also now working on a super cool fiddle back chair to go with this desk.  This is going to be so great in her son’s room.  He will probably love it so much he will never stop studying and working hard…. ever… right?

See You Soon……

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