Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Halloween Gallery Wall

I love Halloween!!  It is by far my favorite Holiday…. so therefore… I love to decorate for Halloween.
I love to check out Martha Stewart’s website for fun and spooky Halloween decorating ideas.  I got the idea for my gallery wall from her site last year (and I now cannot find it).  Here is something similar I found on her site.

Here is where my Gallery Wall started.


(I know I really need to add some color up in here!)
I simply went to Hobby Lobby for my cardstock – in silver glitter and some in black.


I printed out the silhouettes, for the most part, off of good old Martha’s website.  Some I had to google and got from other websites.  I then spent quite a bit of time hunched over these silhouettes that I had glued to the black cardstock and then cut out with my exacto knife… took forever!!
I then cut my silver glitter cardstock to size and glued my black silhouette’s on to it… and voila!!


So Spooky no?
If I had stairs, I would so be doing this idea from Martha….

What kind of fun décor are you crafting for your home this Halloween?

See You Soon……

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