Thursday, September 6, 2012

Master Bath…. yuck!

Along the same lines as yesterdays post, I’m looking at a Master Bath and hating my old choices.  Again this is in our Rental Property.  Once again, old tenants who hadn’t met a duster or mop (or so it seemed) gave us the push we needed to re-paint this bathroom…. after 10 years of it being the same!!
This is a straight forward, nothing but paint reno.  No snazzy staging here.  We had to get this baby ready for the new tenants.  There was no need for all that staging stuff.  Which I will readily admit kills me because I love to see something all the way through and see it in all it’s pretty glory.  Here is where this bath started.



Oh beautiful Hollywood Lights!  In what decade or place were these ever a good idea…. other than Hollywood of course.  I hate these things!  But as I said before the only that thing fit in the timeline and in the budget this time was the painting and grout refreshing.  Here is where this bathroom is now.



Shades of Gray!  So much better!! 

The next goal, after the current tenants move out(which hopefully won’t be for a long time) is to paint this vanity, change out the faucets, change out the light fixture and maybe add some snazzy tile around the tub….. who knows? 
**Update 2014:  The tenants had to move out last November because of a job transfer.  On a whim, we listed the house for sale and sold it in 3 hours!!  Guess it was meant to be!**

I love paint.  Such a small change makes such a huge impact!! 
I almost forgot the W.C.  Talk about silly choices in design!!  Check out the awesome Faux Explosion I decided to do in here!!


I was so creative layering the dark over the light blue with a Sea Sponge.  Barf!

Winking smile


Couldn’t get rid of it fast enough!!

See You Soon….

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