Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Listen Up Sarah Richardson, I’ve got a Bone to Pick with You!

Okay… before I start picking bones with anyone, I have to state how much I adore Sarah Richardson!
  I love her and I love even more her hilarious sidekick Tommy.  They are funny & fantastic at design.
In fact, I love them so much I will even share pics of some of their rooms from their new show…. in spite of the fact that I am mad at them. 

Sarah's House
Entry Hall.  Stunning!

Sarah's House
Formal Living Room.  Gorgeous!

Sarah's House
Powder Bath.  I love that Wallpaper so much I could eat it!

Sarah's House

Sssswwwooooonnnn…. this Kitchen…. I love….. so much….. I could own it of course for the bargain price of $830,000!!!  What?!?!?!?!!!!!!!!!!

Now time to pick some bones…..

HGTV ran a marathon of the new episodes of her show “Sarah’s House” this past weekend.  In this installment of the show they are chronicling her go at a new Builder Home.  According to Sarah and Tommy, they are teaching us how to transform your Basic Builders Box in to the home of your dreams.



What I was expecting was tips, tricks, ideas on how to transform one of these basic builder boring beauties in to something special…. on a Budget.

I was WRONG!

 Now, once again I state “I LOVE Sarah”!  Her style and taste is amazing!!  I have been watching her various shows for years – starting with Design Inc.  From the beginning, I have been keenly aware that Sarah is a designer with expensive tastes and always does projects with a big budget to match.  Watching her was always more pie-in-the-sky dreaming for me – stuff I ogle from a distance but know I will never be lucky enough to have…. I always have a budget people.  Usually a miniscule budget at that.  Yes… I am often squeezing blood out of almost dry turnips.

When I had heard she had a new show coming I had hopes that she would use her design genius and creativity to help normal people transform their boring spaces in to chic looking spaces on a budget.

Did I say I was WRONG already?

She bought a builder home for $730,000 and had a décor budget of $100,000!!!!!

Seriously, how many of us have those kinds of budgets?  I know there are some of you lucky few out there who do…. but sorry I cannot relate… at all.

Of course, anyone can transform a home on that kind of budget!!
 Not to mention the fact that the Builders list of standard upgrades in that price range are pretty dang great!! 

I don’t know…. to me this just doesn’t seem to take much creativity.  I was also a little annoyed when she and Tommy acted like it was so hard to choose things with such a “CHEAP” budget – their words not mine. 

I would love to see one of these amazing designers show us how to take their aesthetic and bring it down to reality – because that is where the majority of us live right?

I guess Sabrina Soto does that on the High/Low Project doesn’t she?  I think I love her even more now….

I’d love to see Sarah and Tommy take a Builder’s Box around the price range of $150,000 to $200,000 and make all those basics in to something fabulous…. with a budget of only around a couple hundred to a thousand a room!!! 

Forget Sarah HGTV…. hire me!

 I’ll do it!!


Am I alone in this?  Anyone else get annoyed at these shows?

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