Monday, September 10, 2012

Football Fans are Cray Cray!!

Is this a Blog about sports?
 It’s a Blog mostly about DIY & Design…. but we like to throw in some random life stuff in here every once in a while.  We like to sometimes post about random reality TV, our kids… and sometimes random sports stuff (note Mishelle’s tennis obsession).

Well, my brother sent me a link to a video that made me decide to post a tribute to some cray cray sports fans.  You should get a good laugh.  I did!!

This one was posted after Arkansas lost to Louisiana-Monroe (pretty embarrassing loss for them I would say!).  If those are her kids at college she is singing to I bet they are so popular at school right now.  Hilarious!!

Even more hilarious than the one above!  This one was posted by this girls sister after the Green Bay Packers lost to the NY Giants last Season.  Curse you glitter nail polish!!!

This little girl is just cute!  Sweet baby.  Her daddy must have been so proud she loved their favorite team this much.

Had to share a funny video of my silly boys too!  We have been watching lots of US Open Tennis these last two weeks.  Can you tell?  I know I should’ve edited this video because the end of it shows how inept I really am… oh well….. is my life.
Since I am sharing so many YouTube Videos… here is the one where my brother appeared on the Today Show!

I’m quite proud of his crazy ass.  He’s way way smarter than me… clearly.
Seen any funny sports fans videos you wanna share?

See You Soon….

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