Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Design Choices… Do I have Good Taste or Bad?

Isn’t it fun to look at past Design Choices… and come to the realization… that they sucked?!

It’s funny really because at the time I was making those choices I loved them SOOOOO much.  But now not so much.  Of course, tastes change and what’s popular in design changes-  often.
I have a past decorating offense that got me thinking about this. 
Check it out.


Don’t adjust your monitor!  That is indeed Neil Diamond you are looking at on the left there.  That is a wine label, and these are my kitchen walls in our Rental Property. 
Here’s more.



In all fairness to my questionable design judgment, I did this to this unsuspecting kitchen 10 years ago.  This was the first home for the Hubby and I, and I was just figuring out how to have some fun and change up our Boring Builders Box.  The Hubby and I had gone to this dark, moody, awesome Wine Bar in Downtown.  While we were there enjoying some Wine & Cheese I got the brilliant idea of what I wanted to do in our boring white kitchen!  The Wine Bar walls were painted this deep Yellow and the ceilings were painted this great dark Red…. Trust me, I know what you are thinking.  You are thinking “this sounds awful for a kitchen”, but put yourself back ten years and remember what your tastes were that long ago…. Not sounding so horrible right?
Well…. my interpretation of this for my home was to texture the walls with joint compound.  You all know what I am talking about – this was very popular for a very long time!  Prior to adding the texture I collected wine bottles for months and painstakingly steamed off all of the labels.  I then glued them to the walls and textured around them and over all walls.  I painted the walls a yellow-tan and went over that with a walnut stain, giving it all the most fab faux treatment of all time (sarcasm intended).  Then I took it one step further and painted the ceiling a really dark purple… and I adored it!  I so wish I had pictures of this kitchen in it’s glory.
Fast forward five years (to 2007) and the house was now a Rental Property – that we actually wanted to successfully rent out.  I came to realize I was no longer a fan of this whole kitchen treatment and neither were prospective tenants.  Let me tell you how fun it was to paint over a dark purple ceiling!  Here is what the kitchen became.




I was never a big fan of this tan color.  It was just too rosy, but after all the paint it took to cover the old kitchen I was not about to paint it all another color.  I was also too lazy to remove and cover the spots with wine labels, so as you can see, they were still all over the walls. 
Fast forward another 5 years – hello 2012!  Let’s just say this along with the previous tenants lack of cleanliness and their dogs messiness (all over the moldings and walls)and a change was in order!  Paint alone can work wonders!  Here is where we are today.




The ceilings went from rosy tan to crisp white.  The walls went from rosy tan to lovely gray blue (texture stayed).  The back door went from a dirty white to dark red.  The floor grout was refreshed.  If I had more funds and more time the cabinets would have been painted as well.  I’ll also add new cabinet hardware next time.  I think that will happen when these new tenants move out. 
What about you?  Do you have any old design decisions in your home that you look at in horror?  Do you question your tastes from years ago?

See You Soon…..

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