Thursday, August 2, 2012

Small Bamboo Chair

If you have not yet read my previous posts all about my Bamboo Furniture Finds, you can find them here, here and here.

Since I have already made you fully understand my love of Bamboo, I will keep it short today.

Here is my little chair in it’s original state.

Small Bamboo Chair Before

Small Bamboo Chair Before 2

And here it is After.

Bamboo Floral Chair After 2

Bamboo Floral Chair After Side

Bamboo Floral Chair After

This material is so much fun!  It makes me smile!  In case you did not read the previous posts, this is (like all the others) Indoor/Outdoor Material.

I also just felt like sharing some pics of our fun family outing today!  I had a great day with my kiddos and some friends – and the 100 plus degrees outside didn’t spoil our fun!



Is that premature aging or cotton candy…. hmmmm???

How is Summer almost over?  I wish it wasn’t so!

See You Soon…..

PS – I am linking this cutie patootie little chair over at Jennifer Rizzo….

Jennifer Rizzo

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