Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Porch Light…. New Again!

Once again…. I’ve been MIA.  
Not for Summer Slacking this time though! 

 I’ve been working my tail off getting our rental property ready for new tenants… more on that later because I AM TIRED! 

For today, I will keep this short and sweet.  At this rental property of ours both the front and back porch lights are in direct and harsh sunlight.  This fades them and makes them look old very quickly.  This and the front door are the first impression of the home when potential renters are looking and I hate that this rental looks a little tired by the time potential renters are looking at it.  

Not so cost effective to replace these every time we switch tenants!  Doesn’t make sense anyway because there is nothing wrong with them they are just faded.

Quick solution!  Spray paint!  Here is how it looked after two years in the sun.


As you can see from the newspaper on the right, I started taping up all the brick behind the light.  I then taped up the glass section of the light so that I could just paint the perimeter of the light – all the metal parts. 

I simply used a can of bronzy spray paint I had in my shed. 

Here it is after one coat.



This project took a whopping total of 30 minutes!
Here it is all done and like brand new!



So much better!

See You Soon……

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