Friday, August 17, 2012

Exterior Doors… Drab to Fab!

So here we are back on the topic of our Rental Property… we may be on this one for a bit.

 It has consumed my life for the last 14 or so days for 10+ hours a day so it’s hard to get it off my brain!

I want to discuss our doors – three of them to be specific – the Entry Door, Door to the Back Porch and the Door leading in to the Garage. 
They were boring builder’s white (yes that is a color Winking smile). 

My frustration always starts when one tenant moves out and it is time to prep the home for a new tenant.  These doors are always an ugly dirty mess!  They are white so every single speck of dirt from someone else's daily life shows!

 As you can see from this post and this post, I am obsessed with painting doors in colors.

 The timing was right and it was meant to be!  I decided I could kill two birds with one stone (I get this saying but it is so mean to poor birds… I don’t want to kill them).  I could (hopefully) stop having to scrub down the doors between each tenant with the doors a darker color and I could add some style to this builders box.  So I decided to go with the color that was already on the exterior of the front door – brick red!!  It needed  a sprucing anyway because it sits in direct sunlight… so I went shopping in my garage and pulled out the old paint…. thank goodness for a full gallon can of paint!


We need to change out the front light and that doormat is going in the trash the second I get up there for the final cleaning today! 

Here is where these doors started.


This is the back door leading to the patio.


That’s the door to the garage there on the left being slightly blocked by the stair rail…. and you can see the front door to your right.


Here is the inside of the front door in progress… looks like it is bleeding…

Here they are all finished!


Back Patio Door…. so much better!


Door to the Garage…. so much better!!


Front Door… so so much better!!

Take a little lookie-loo at my touch-up painting there on the walls not matching!  That was super awesome and made me super stressed and unhappy…. but I will blog about how to fix that problem without repainting entire rooms (24 feet high in this case) later.

I was super tempted to paint all the other interior doors in a brown-black but totally ran out of time!!

Maybe next time!

See You Soon……

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