Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Bamboo Couch

Can I just start by saying thanks for sticking with me even though the posting has been sparse these days!? 

 I have this little (BIG) problem to confess…. Olympics Obsession.  It has totally sucked me in and the productivity in my life has dwindled to practically non-existent.  My couch has permanent butt marks from all the sitting and flipping through all five (yes five) channels offering Olympic coverage.  I am typing and watching the Hewitt v. Djokovic tennis match as we speak.  I am loving watching every sport!!

Okay… enough of that…. back to couches!

Remember this lovely that I found on Craigslist?

Bamboo Couch Before 2

I have no idea why but I was so drawn to this piece from the second I saw it online…. when I saw the pics my heart began to race and I got that tingly rush feeling.  Does this happen to anyone else?  I get so spazzy when I find something I am totally drawn to.  DIY – it’s my natural drug!!

Here is how it turned out.

Bamboo Couch After

I started out by giving this thing a really good cleaning. 

 I got this one from a super sweet lady who had been keeping it in her garage for a long while.  She said that the couch was in a house on a farm of a family member and that it had been in there for thirty years roughly.  She said that they had tons of furniture that was well kept and barely used.  It really was in good condition – it just had typical wear from being older.  The finish had faded in many spots so it was not really possible to just put a clear varnish on it and go with it’s original finish.  There were too many inconsistencies in color.  

Once it was good and clean, it also got a pretty good sanding to even it all out.

The first stain color I tried out was the new Minwax Classic Gray.


I gave it two coats of this but was not happy with the results.  Something about the original light color of the bamboo mixed with this translucent Gray mixed together to make the furniture look a mauvy pink – in other words 80’s Yuck!!

So on to stain #2.  Varathane in Weathered Gray.


I knew this was the one the second I put it on.  I also switched to using a foam brush to apply the stain as opposed to white rags – my hands ended up much much cleaner.

I also sent the old cushions off to the Upholstery Shop for a little update.  Again, I went with Indoor/Outdoor Fabric for all this furniture.  I think this couch would be a lovely addition to any outdoor patio or a fun little sunroom!  Really it could be used anywhere….

Bamboo Furniture After - Yard

It has such a cool 1960’s vibe don’t you think?

See You Soon…..

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