Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Wingback Beauty… Crazy for COLOR Tuesdays….

I must say that I am Crazy for each and every COLOR on this Wingback.
DSC_0022 (3)
This was a Curbside Find that I blogged about here.  It started out something like this….
I had high hopes for this one…. I was going to learn to upholster it myself and this chair was my guinea pig!  Poor Chair!  Ripping apart this chair was so much harder than either Mishelle or I thought it would be.
DSC_0016 (2)
DSC_0017 (2)
What do you think of our final outcome?
DSC_0023 (3)
We did pretty good on our first go huh?
Um….. confession….. I’m totally lying!  We gave up and I took it to an upholsterer and had them do it for me once I found this killer fabric!  I also had them recover a groovy blue chesterfield sofa and make a cushion for one of my Bamboo Chair finds!  I am going to be staging all my New Old Furniture together very soon and I will be offering all pieces (including this one!) up for Sale very soon.  The hold up is the fact that the upholsterer forgot to Chesterfield my Chesterfield – no tufting!  That had to be remedied stat.  As soon as I get that back all these pieces could be yours!  Let me know if you likey!
Here’s some more eye candy for y’all.
DSC_0026 (3)
DSC_0025 (3)
See You Soon….
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