Monday, July 9, 2012

Tennis Goddess

Well, I am finally able to walk away from my tv! The Wimbledon matches had me so hooked!! Tennis is such a addicting sport...or maybe its my addictive soul? =)

Hats off to all the players...but Miss Serena was the best! If I could have half her serve I would be a happy girl!!! 120 mph! Yikes! Not only did she win the singles, but her and Venus won the doubles as well! Not a bad paycheck at all!!!
I want to know how on earth Serena does it? I know she has a ton of power behind (no pun intended) her swing. But how she is able to cover the court like she does is CRAZY!

Serena and I use the same racket!! 

And how did she go from the poof hair to this so fast? 

The US Open outfits are starting to sneak out! BTW...half the fun is the outfits! If I like the outfit I am wearing I feel like I play better!! (little hint to becoming a better player!) lol!!!!!

The only player I could find out so far is for Maria Sharapova...her day and night outfit! I'm liking!!!

Have a wonderful week!! 

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