Monday, July 9, 2012

Primer Debacle… Must Read!

I’m baaaacccckkkkk…..
Are you old enough to know what Movie this picture is from?  I barely am…. It’s “The Shining”.  So creepy and so great!  It’s a classic.
Anyway… I am back… hopefully.  I have got to shake this Summer Slacker issue I have these days!  I just finished Day 1 of P90x (again) and here I am writing a Blog Post.  Hopefully this motivation lasts more than just 1 day!!! 
Okay.  Back to the point at hand – my Personal Primer Debacle.  I have been messing around with altering and painting furniture since I was 17…. but I made a mistake.  A BIG MISTAKE!  Remember this lovely piece of furniture?
I mistakenly thought I was done with the painting and was going to move on to adding the fabric and mirror to the inside.  Nope.  I kind of ignored this piece for a little while (see slacker note at beginning of post).  When I came back to this baby she was a sticking (been spending too much time listening to my kids play Mario).  I literally could not get the doors on front or on top to open.  Yep – stuck shut!  I had to sit on a chair in front of it and prop one leg on the front while I tugged with all my strength to even get one door open.  The hubby had to get the other door open.  Yikes!  What did I do?  Ooohh was I mad at the paint that was recommended to me by a young guy in the paint department!
Bad Paint
I paid a visit to my friends at Sherwin Williams.  A very helpful gentleman spent a lot of time discussing this piece with me.  I also brought one of the doors up for him to see.  We discussed several possibilities…. but the light bulb went on for me when he started talking about Primer.   I shouldn’t have been mad at my paint!  I should have been mad at my Primer!!
I used this.
(See where it says “Stain Blocking”?)
When I should have used this.
(See where is says “Adhesion Primer”?)
I also think I did not give this piece enough of a sanding.  It was old and beat up so I thought it would be fine…. Listen people – don’t believe it when you read you don’t have to sand a piece to get the paint to adhere!  You too will be as crazy mad as me (see Shining Picture of Jack Nicholson at top of Blog Post) when you finish painting (two coats of Primer and four coats of paint) a piece only to end up back here.
Blue Paint Problem
I am having to scrape paint out of all those little nooks ‘n’ crannies.  Not F.U.N.  Ugh… lesson learned!  I still love this piece and I am still moving forward with the same color – Dignified Blue by Sherwin Williams!  I still love this piece even though I may not be in Love with it right now…. time people.. it takes time to fall back in love.
I will post this piece when it is back to beautiful.  Soon I promise!
Any of you learn any DIY lessons the hard way?
See You Soon…..

Kelly Button Plaid
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