Monday, July 23, 2012

Peeping Tom…. Celebrity Style!

I am dying to start a weekly (or so) feature on this here Blog that I’d like to call Peeping Tom, where we could take you on a tour of someone else’s home.  Who doesn’t love taking peeks inside other people’s homes?  I know I do!  I will just have to start stalking my victims and coerce them in to agreeing to be featured here!  For today I will just use Celebrities as my victims!  They’re easy targets….
Let’s start with Little Miss Independent Kelly Clarkson.  Her Mansfield home is currently on the market for the pittance of $1.495 Million…. poor girl.
Stunning curb appeal wouldn’t you agree?
Love the rug in here… and the pops of color.
So pretty and tranquil.  I love that she has a Wet Room for her Tub and Shower.
More Rug Props.
How about a Peek in to Meg Ryan’s beach house featured in Elle Décor?
The windows and high ceilings are enviable!  I am also in love with the large FLOWERS sign.  Look at the simple light fixture over her table.  So chic!
More fantastic high windows!  Great pop of purple and I’m obsessed with that barn door.

More simple and chic light fixtures.  this sink is so fab… is it an antique?  Great faucet too!
Anyone else obsessed with peeking in to Celeb homes?  Or any homes for that matter.  Be honest, do you peek in to open windows as you drive by homes at night when the blinds are open?  You know you do!

See You Soon…..
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